Three Questions I Needed to Answer After Deciding to Quit My Fortune 50 Corporate Job

Question for the reader: What are the irrational fears holding you back? Where have you heard this fear expressed before? Your fears may stem from learned lessons in childhood.

What information do you need to anchor yourself in reality? More data can help defuse irrational fears.

Question for the reader: Where do you fall on the continuum from fearing failure to embracing failure as part of the learning journey? What did your parents teach you about failure and making mistakes?

“Tiffany, when I was 32, I was the editor of an award-winning weekly journal.

I’d made it. But I was also this girl who would play her guitar in her room, with a secret dream of being the lead singer of a rock band.

I wasn’t confident that I would be successful, but I was confident that if I stayed and didn’t try pursuing it, I would regret it.”

Pro-tip: There is power in hearing other people’s stories, especially when they’ve taken courageous steps to live life more fully, even at personal cost.

If you’re feeling stuck, ask people, “What was the most courageous decision you’ve made? How did you get there?”

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do / with your one wild and precious life?



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